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St.Amant acknowledges that we are on Treaty 1 Territory, the traditional gathering place of the Anishinaabe, Cree, Oji-Cree, Dakota and Dene people and the traditional homeland of the Métis people. Read More


Project Summaries

Our research aims to improve the lives of all people with disabilities and from time to time requires the participation of many individuals and families supported by St.Amant, as well as participants from across Canada.

Below, find a sampling of lay-friendly summaries of our research projects.

Risks to Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders Who Run Away
Investigators: Lindsay McCombe, Dr. Toby Martin, Brendan Boehr, Randy Antonio

The Impact of Community Transitions: Process and Outcomes
Investigators: Dr. Shahin Shooshtari, Lindsay McCombe, Margherita Cameranesi, Soroush Kian, and Katherine Chimney

Mortality among adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities in Manitoba
Investigators: Dr. Shahin Shooshtari, Dr. Hélène Ouellette-Kuntz, Dr. Robert Balogh, Dr. Michael McIsaac, Elizabeth Stankiewicz, Natalia Dik, and Charles Burchill

Measuring Mindful Care
Investigators: Jessica Duris and Dr. Toby Martin

Acceptability of Clinical Services Provided to First Nations Families
Investigators: Katharine Kalinowski, Dr. Toby Martin, & Carly Cressman

Early Learning Rate as a Predictor of Outcomes for Children in an EIBI Program
Le rythme d’apprentissage du jeune enfant en tant que prédicteur de résultats pour les enfants du programme d’ICIP
Investigators: Maria Pongoski, Morena Miljkovic, and Drs. C. T. Yu and Genevieve Roy-Wsiaki

Meaningful Outcomes for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder
Résultats significatifs pour les enfants ayant des troubles du spectre autistique
Investigators: Drs. C. T. Yu and Toby Martin

Evaluation of a Pre-Kindergarten Behavioural Intervention Pilot Program
Evaluation d’un proramme pilote d’intervention comportementable pour enfants de prématernelle
Investigators: Karis Cochrane, Panagiota Papadimitropoulos, Rachel Roy, and Dr. Toby Martin

Social Validity of Applied Behaviour Analysis Intervention in a School Setting
Valideté sociale de l’intervention ABA en milieu scolaire
Investigators: Ikram Haji, and Dr. Duong Ramon

The Impact of Service Setting on Outcomes for Children with Autism Spectrum

Impact du lieu de prestation des services sur les résultats des enfants ayant des troubles du spectre autistique
Investigators: Karli Pedreira, Dr. Toby Martin

Longitudinal Evaluation of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder
Évaluation longitudinale des enfants ayant des troubles du spectre autistique
Investigators: Drs. C. T. Yu and Toby Martin

Does Practicing a Response Multiple Times Improve Learning?
Est-ce que le fait de répéter une réponse plusieurs fois améliore l’apprentissage?
Investigators: Drs. May Lee and C. T. Yu, and Lindsay McCombe (MA)

Comprehensive Assessment Outcomes of an Early Learning Autism Program Evaluation
Résultats de l’évaluation complète d’un programme d’apprentissage pour enfants d’âge préscolaire ayant l’autisme

Investigators: Drs. Lisa Wright, C. T. Yu, Toby Martin, Carly Thiessen, and Leslie Thorne

An Evaluation of Mindful Practice Training for Direct Support Providers
Évaluation de le formation à la partique de la pleine conscience pour le personnel fournissant des soins directs
Investigators: Jessica Summers, Drs. Michael McIntyre, Toby Martin, and James Ediger

Evaluation of the Building Independence Pilot Project
Évaluation du projet pilote sur l’acquisition de l’autonomie
Investigators: Debbie Wiebe, Lindsay McCombe, Drs. Toby Martin and Janine Montgomery

Meeting the Knowledge Needs of Special Education Teachers
Répondre aux besoins de connaissances de l’équipe du corps enseignant
Investigators: Joyce Douglas, Drs. C. T. Yu, Toby Martin, and Janine Montgomery

Interventions for Challenging Behaviours of Students with Developmental Disabilities
Intervenir face aux comportements difficiles des élèves ayant des troubles développementaux
Investigators: Drs. Janine Montgomery, Toby Martin, Shahin Shooshtari, and Brenda Stoesz; Dustin Heinrichs, Sebastein North, Lindsay Dodson, Quinn Senkow, Joyce Douglas

Experiences of Professionals Supporting Community Living Transitions
Les expériences de professionals appuyant la transition vers la vie dans la communauté
Investigators: Krysten Godard, Emoly Smith, Drs. Charmayne Dubé and Emily Etcheverry

The Impact of Autism Service Intensity on Children’s Outcomes
Impact de l’intensité des services d’intervention sur les résultats des enfants ayant l’autisme
Investigators: Morena Miljkovic, and Dr. C. T. Yu

Unlocking the Abilities of People with Profound Multiple Disabilities
Révéler les capacités des personnes ayant des déficiences multiples profondes
Investigators: Drs. Paul Rezutek and C. T. Yu

About Dementia in Adults with an Intellectual Disability Living in Manitoba
Démence chez les adultes ayant une incapacité intellectuelle qui résident au Manitoba
Investigators: Dr. Shahin Shooshtari, Leslie Udell, Leanne Fenez, Natalia Dik, Charles Burchill, Elizabeth Sachs, and Dr. Brenda Stoesz

Parent Satisfaction with Behavioural Intervention Programs for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder
Satisfaction des parents quant aux programmes d’intervention comportementale pour enfants ayant des troubles du spectre de l’autisme
Investigators: Amy Lindal, Amy Brown, and Dr. Toby Martin