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Rowan’s Story: Freedom to shine

Rowan’s Story: Freedom to shine

February 20, 2019

My daughter Rowan’s world has grown thanks to the generosity of donors. But it wasn’t always that way. It’s the generosity of kind and caring people that changed Rowan’s life more than you know. They changed my life too.

I’m writing today to tell you her story so that you know how donations can make a powerful difference. The generous support of donors ensures Rowan has input into her own life in a way I never thought possible.

My daughter gets to participate in pottery, swimming, rock climbing, Zumba and drumming. She is so active and so busy – it’s keeping her fit, it’s helping her be independent and it’s giving her a sense of self.

Will you show your care and support for people with developmental disabilities and donate today? Your gift will give Rowan the freedom to shine.

Rowan was born with Angelman’s Syndrome which affects her development, speech and movement. Raising Rowan, I used to worry all the time. Every day I would wonder Is she safe? Is she happy?

But when Rowan was 19, I had a personal health scare that made me realize I won’t always be around to care for her. So I began educating myself on the services available, including St.Amant.

When it came time for our first meeting with St.Amant, we met at a community home – the very house Rowan lives in today – and we sat around the dining room table. As we were talking, I got the feeling they were interviewing us as much as we were interviewing them. And I was struck by that feeling, I loved the level of protection St.Amant had for the young women already living there and I knew I wanted that kind of care for my daughter too.

Soon after, I got the phone call that Rowan was a really good match for the home and we began the process of moving. It took about six months and the staff supported us the entire time. But the most memorable part? Not long after she moved I saw tremendous change in Rowan.

Today, Rowan is funny, creative and has a joyous spirit. She’s living this amazing life where she goes to movies, goes bowling, makes her own pancakes and helps with grocery shopping and laundry. Rowan’s being challenged to explore new possibilities and is given every opportunity to make her own choices. She’s becoming independent.

Because of you, she’s shining in a way I’ve never seen before.

Rowan’s Story: Freedom to shine

Donors are the reason my daughter’s days are full and fascinating. Not only does she have a place to live where I know she’ll be well taken care of, but she has access to amazing supports and opportunities.

Supports that include a bike made especially for her and a personal iPad which she uses to show me pictures from her adventures. Like the first time she went rock climbing and her trip to the St.Amant cottage at Albert Beach this summer –adventures made possible through kind and caring people like you.

And it’s more than that, these opportunities are accessible and tailored to her needs, her abilities and her desires. And that’s so important because it’s an environment where she has the opportunity to excel. Her differences are celebrated. She’s able to participate fully and it allows her to feel good about herself. It gives her the freedom to shine.

Will you donate today to ensure my daughter has that chance to shine?

If you choose to donate, your generosity will give my daughter and many others access to so many more opportunities – the St.Amant Leisure Guide, the FM Café, mobility and adapted equipment, communication technology, educational support and accessibility in the places people live and play.

I can’t imagine where we would be today without your support.

As a donor, you can make it possible for my daughter and many others to have full expression of life and more. Your gift to St.Amant Foundation will create opportunities for Rowan to be independent, build self-confidence and achieve her goals.

Any amount that you can give will help. I can’t wait to see what Rowan will accomplish in the next five years, ten years and more. You can help make her future bright and full, please give today.

From my family to yours – thank you,

Ann Lowe

P.S. Your gift will give my daughter and more than 1,600 children and adults with developmental disabilities and autism the opportunities they need for a fulfilling life. 

Rowan’s Story: Freedom to shine