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School-Age Program Activities

The School-Age Learning Program works collaboratively in partnership with our students’ families and their school teams to provide sound, effective, educational programs based on the provincial curriculum followed by the schools. Our core activities are detailed below.

Child Assessment and Evaluation
Students are assessed throughout their participation in the St.Amant Autism Programs to determine learning priorities and measure progress.

Teaching Programs
Autism Consultants design teaching programs using strategies based in Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) such as reinforcement, prompting, fading, incidental teaching, and discrete trial teaching (DTT). The Autism Consultants and Senior Tutors continuously monitor implementation of the teaching programs to ensure fidelity and continuous progress.

Inclusive Setting and IEP Process
Programming occurs through the collaborative Individualized Education Plan (IEP) process and involves St.Amant Autism Programs staff, school staff and parents in the development of educational programs that focus on the goals of the inclusive educational setting.

School-Based Staff Coaching and Data Collection
St.Amant staff provide h ands-on training to home and school staff working directly with the student. They provide monitoring systems to assist the school in measuring the student’s progress.

Challenging Behaviour Support
Autism Consultants prioritize improvement in challenging behaviour by using functional behavioural assessment and functional analysis to assess the function of challenging behaviour and design Behavioural Intervention Plans that address those functions. Positive supports and Functional Communication Training are often used to modify the environment to reduce challenging behaviour and to improve communication to replace challenging behaviour.

Promoting and Ensuring Parental Involvement
Families are an integral part of their child’s education and have a significant role in supporting the program. Parents are required to provide five hours per week of targeted teaching to their children and participate in Clinic Meetings. In addition parents are responsible for collecting data on targeted skills and providing all programming materials. Parents may also be responsible for recruiting and supervising a home-based Autism Tutor. Successful partnerships between professionals and parents contribute to better child learning outcomes.

For more information contact Central Intake at 204-256-4301 ext. 7041.