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Home Share


Home share is exactly what the name says. A home share provider opens their door to adults with disabilities who may require extra support to accomplish everyday tasks. The home share family and the person they’re supporting, work together to build a relationship and gain life skills. The goal of our Home Share program is to support adults to lead a high quality meaningful life, while encouraging independence and empowering them to make their own decisions.

Becoming a Home Share Provider:

We are always recruiting new Home Share providers. As a Home Share provider, you will be opening your home to someone who may require specialized supports and extended hours of care.  Home Share providers  find engaging opportunities for the person they’re supporting to create meaningful connections outside of the home, within their community. This compensated role comes with many important responsibilities.

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Who Qualifies?

With a referral from Community Support Workers through Community Living disability Services.

You can find their eligibility requirements here:

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How long will the person live with me?

The length of stay varies with each situation, it can be for a very long or a very short period of time.  In the event that someone is moving out of your home you would be involved in helping to create a positive transition. Expectation to work collaboratively and respectfully with the individuals support networks.


How long does the licensing process take?

The timeline varies for each family, we have seen a general timeline of approximately three to five months from the start of the application process.


What are the steps I need to take to become a Home Share provider?

All Home Share families must follow an in-depth application and licensing process that includes:

  • Reference checks
  • criminal record checks
  • Personal History
  • In-home interviews, home visits and a home inspection
  • Adult abuse registry check

Who can become a Home Share provider?

Home Share families are individuals or couples throughout Manitoba of diverse cultural backgrounds who are:

  • Emotionally, physically and financially stable
  • Supportive, compassionate and nurturing and able to commit time and energy to meet the needs of an adult with disabilities
  • Own or rent a home (house or apartment) that meets the needs of the individual supported and provincial licensing standards
  • Ability to use technology to access online trainings, attend virtual meetings and complete documentation.

Why does someone access Home Share?

People we support in this program ask for our services for many reasons, some include:

  • Their family is no longer able to provide the high level of care required
  • Illness, death or family conflict


For more detailed information, and to apply, contact Centralized Intake Central Intake (Services) 204-258-7041.

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