Early intervention for children with autism

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The St.Amant Autism Early Learning Program is a provincially funded service for preschool-aged children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. This program supports the building of skills across all life domains using an approach called applied behaviour analysis (ABA). Life domains include communication, learning social skills, learning helpful school readiness skills, daily living skills, etc. Individualized programming is created with and for each person supported by the program, and is done in partnership with the individual, their family, and their community supports(e.g.,other clinicians, child care centres, and school teams).

Children receive up to 20 hours a week of service in a St.Amant site-based location or a child care centre, from Monday to Friday. The two-year program makes learning an enjoyable experience for children and their families.

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Who Qualifies?

Preschool-aged children living in Manitoba, with a diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder are eligible to access the St.Amant Autism Early Learning Program. Children must be offered a space in the program and begin the Early Learning Program before their fifth birthday.

Children can participate in the program until the September of the year they turn six, or until they receive up to a maximum of two years of services, whichever comes first. Families are invited to attend our Fulfilling Potential Workshop series to learn new skills to help support and teach their child.

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Information for Families:

Early Learning Application Form

Information for Families:

Workshops and Presentations

Community Workshops

Autism Programs offers community outreach and education on topics including autism spectrum disorder and applied behaviour analysis (ABA) through our Fulfilling Potential Workshop Series. The series is open to all Manitobans.

Customized Workshops for Your Team

In addition, workshops and presentations can be tailored to the needs of individual teams and organizations. Content may be delivered virtually, on-site, or at our location. These presentations and workshops are not student specific, but general in nature.

Enhanced Consultative Services Referral Form

Enhanced Consultative Services Handout


Please reach out to St.Amant Central Intake
at 204-258-7041 for more information.