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St.Amant: A Life-Changing Journey For Becky

January 18, 2023

Becky grew up in Winnipeg, Manitoba, surrounded by supportive siblings and parents that believed in her. Her upbringing taught her to stand up for herself and what she believes in – her strong roots molded her into a strong, independent woman, mother, and leader.

Her career and personal life moved her in unique directions. After receiving her Occupational Health and Safety Certification at Red River College, Becky and her husband moved to Alberta to begin their family together.

As their children grew older, Becky returned to the workforce and spent eight years working in construction, where long 12-hour days became her new normal. Taking a deep breath, she shared, “I felt a huge amount of continuous pressure each day, to essentially work for the bottom line – that really takes a toll on someone… and then the pandemic hit, and things only got harder.”

When the long workdays turned into weeks and months, it was difficult for her to stay afloat and find balance. It was time to make a change. “I’m a mom of two kids, my husband works out of town, and I’m essentially doing it on my own most of the time,” said Becky.

She knew it was time to choose a new direction to ensure a better, happier, balanced life for her and her family – and that’s where her new adventure begins at St.Amant.

image of two adults and two young children standing infront of a fountain
Becky and her family standing in front of a fountain.

Working in a hybrid workplace allows her to support her family and pursue a fulfilling career. With tears filling her eyes, she reflected, “St.Amant has allowed me to take a breath. I’ve done a complete one-eighty with my kids. They noticed it, and our relationship has grown really, really strong because of it.”

Mental health, a meaningful career, and work-life balance have become important to Becky and her family. 

“I no longer feel the continuous pressure I used to feel!” she said with relief.

Becky is now the Manager of Safety, Security, and Risk here at St.Amant. She has various certifications in firefighting, paramedicine, and personal training but safety is her calling. 

“It’s always been a huge passion of mine. My values are heavily rooted in doing the right thing and ensuring all are safe.”

Her role at St.Amant is to help ensure measures and policies are in place to help staff, volunteers, and the people we support to be safe every day.

“We spend a big percentage of our lives at work, but we all need to ensure we are working safely to return to our loved ones, families, and friends at the end of each day.”

Returning to her two children each day and being in the present moment with them is what’s most important to Becky. Finding St.Amant has given her the work-life balance she desperately was looking for along her journey.

“At the end of the day, the bottom line here is the people – and that’s what makes my job so meaningful” – Becky Trudel.

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