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St.Amant’s Strategic Plan 2019-2023

October 19, 2018

St.Amant developed this strategic plan to set the organization’s direction for the next five years (2019–2023).

The plan articulates a mission, vision, goals, and strategic priorities and objectives, to guide the leadership team in developing realistic, achievable, and measurable annual plans. It demonstrates the continuing uniqueness of the organization and a commitment to human rights as demonstrated through the changes to 440 River Road over the past 5 years where people who were chronically underserved and inappropriately restrained are living better lives; some in the community, some in dignified living environments with more choice and a focus on outcomes.
The plan continues to build on what we have collectively accomplished to date, including the goals and objectives set in our previous 5-year strategic plan as well as work that was not articulated in the last plan, but that became a priority over the past five years, such as supporting Abilities Manitoba’s goals of implementing a community quality assurance framework, staff training program and improved wages for direct support professionals. The plan reflects St.Amant’s values of collaboration, hospitality, excellence, and respect — values that guide actions and relationships with the people supported, families, and co-workers.
Achievement towards the goals and objectives set in the plan will be monitored, with progress regularly reviewed against annual performance indicators.

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