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Training Opportunity Around Dementia

September 4, 2018

Don’t miss out on this wonderful opportunity for high quality, provincial training on the NTG (National Task Group) Dementia Capable Support of Adults with Intellectual Disabilities & Dementia curriculum. The training happens October 15-17th, 2018 at the Red River College Downtown Campus: Princess Street.

The NTG Canadian Consortium has two Master Trainers (Leslie Udell and Dr. Nancy Jokinen) who will be offering a revised edition of the NTG Curriculum with the option of attending the two-day “Basic Workshop” or the three-day “Regional Trainer” course.
The Dementia Capable Support of Adults with Intellectual Disabilities and Dementia is an evidenced-based curriculum that was developed by the National Task Group (NTG) in the U.S. Contributors to the curriculum are well-known experts in the field. A Canadian consortium was formed to adapt the curriculum and bring it to Canada and it is now ready to be rolled out. All of this has been in response to clearly identified challenges in providing adequate supports to people with an intellectual disability and dementia when there is little knowledge and awareness of how the two conditions interact and impact people.
The curriculum is aimed at any individual who plays a role in offering supports to people with both an intellectual disability and dementia, primarily Alzheimer Disease. The two-day basic workshop will provide attendees with a foundational understanding of Alzheimer disease and its effects on people with an intellectual disability. Attendees will also come away with solid concepts on how to provide quality supports, a greater capacity to respond to this population and to engage in person-centered planning to meet the changing needs.
Areas covered in the 2 day Basic Workshop:
· Healthy Aging & Health Care Advocacy
· What is dementia and how does it present in people with I.D.
· Early detection & screening for dementia in I.D.
· Obtaining a diagnosis
· Stages of Alzheimer’s Disease
· How dementia impacts functioning
· Knowledge and skills needed for dementia capable care
· Communication
· Dementia capable environments
· Understanding responsive behaviors
· Caregiving strategies by stages
· Considerations at end of life
People enrolled in the third day of the training will be certified to share what they have learned in the two-day workshop, as well as additional modules, both within their base of employment and with other organizations. The three-day ‘Regional Trainer’ model was implemented to facilitate the development of staff who can promote ongoing supports and education for those offering services to people with both an intellectual disability and Alzheimer’s disease.
What is the “Regional Trainer” option?
This additional third day is for those wishing to be recognized NTG Affiliated Regional Trainers. These individuals will be authorized to use the copyrighted curriculum materials and related resources to conduct trainings for their organizations or for outside agencies and organizations. While the Regional Trainers will not be authorized to offer the full two-day curriculum, they can use relevant sections of the curriculum for smaller, situation specific training.
NTG Affiliated Regional Trainers receive NTG branded and copyrighted PPT slides covering the topics included in the two-day training as well as 20 additional expanded topic modules for topics not covered in the two-day workshop. They also receive extensive additional resources and will be assigned an NTG Master trainer who will be available for mentoring. There are free quarterly webinars, a Community of Learners and a newsletter that will keep Regional Trainers up-to-date on new information and promote the sharing of ideas and successes.
The third day of training will help the Regional Trainers to learn how to facilitate training and attendees will be assisted to set up their own Community of Learners. Additional resources will be reviewed and further case study work will be completed.
Individuals can register to take the two-day or three day training by paying full registration cost. At this time registration costs are estimated at $ 300.00 for the two day Basic Workshop and $ 500.00 for three day Regional Trainer option.
***Please note: These rates will be confirmed when registration opens. Further information on when and how to register will be forwarded once details are finalized.
Community Living disAbility Services Sponsorship
For those agencies that are funded by the Department of Families, Community Living disAbility Services (CLdS) has offered to subsidize 13 spots for staff to become three day NTG Affiliated Regional Trainers. These sponsorships will be distributed across all the provincial regions. The intent is to create a group of trainers who will go back to their region and offer support, consultation and training to agencies and individuals in their area.
Representative staff from CLdS funded organizations that are interested in applying for one of the subsidized Regional Trainer opportunities must complete the attached form by September 7th, 2018 and submit to: lfenez@stamant.ca or charmayne.dube@newdirections.mb.ca.
CLdS Subsidy Form: Expression of Interest
Individuals approved for the spots must minimally agree to:
1) Have their contact information distributed along with other Regional Trainers to agencies and health regions in the Province identifying who to contact for support and consultation.
2) Engage with other Regional Trainers in a Community of Learners.
3) Maintain their competency and knowledge through engagement in webinar offerings provided free of charge through NTG Consortium.
4) Agree to offer a minimum of 10 hours of consultation/training within their region (could be on a cost recovery basis). While the subsidy will cover the course registration costs, transportation and accommodation will need to be supported by the agency. The committee is seeking out block-based accommodation options to alleviate some of the costs. We will forward those details as soon as a location and rates have been confirmed.