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Update to Community Residential Program & Supported Independent Living Families

May 7, 2020

Dear Community Residential & Supported Independent Living Family Members:

We are very pleased to share that Dr. Brent Roussin, Manitoba’s Chief Public Health Officer has offered clearer recommendations on visits for people supported within community residential homes. With an abundance of caution, we will continue to consider outdoor visits. Indoor visits are still restricted, and all visitation will take into account the health risks of the person and their roommates. Below is the process we will follow to approve visits.

If the individual is medically compromised:

In-person visits will be considered only in critical situations and with consultation with the coordinator and the person’s physician.

If a person is not medically compromised:

As the weather warms, visiting outdoors is the preferred option to support family visits. We must continue to follow public health guidelines about social distancing and other measures, even during outdoor visits. The risk of contracting the virus is reduced when visits take place outside and if these guidelines are followed. 

Indoor visits to shift-staffed group homes continue to be restricted and should only occur if critical to the well-being of a resident. Strict prevention measures should be followed before, during and after these visits. 

If an in-person visit (regardless of whether it takes place indoors or outside) is in the best interests of the person, we will:

1. Ask screening questions prior to holding any visits to identify possible risk.

2. If the person or the visitor is ill, reschedule the visit.

3. Minimize the number of people in attendance during the visit.

4. All individuals present must practice hand hygiene before, during (if possible) and after any in-person visit.

5. Maintain social distancing (2 meters or 6 feet) wherever possible.

6. Staff must wear PPE as directed (eye shield and face mask), even outdoors.

7. Others (e.g. family members) will be encouraged to wear non-medical or cloth masks if they have them. St.Amant is working on acquiring and distributing cloth masks to offer to visitors – they are not mandatory, but recommended. Once a cloth mask is given out, it belongs to that person. 

8. Any inter-personal contact should be brief and kept to a minimum.

9. Contact with other residents should not occur.

Remember to wash your hands regularly with soap and water. Practicing hand hygiene is the best protection against the virus. 

Thank you again for your ongoing support and understanding. We are looking forward to supporting as many visits as we can, and know that connection to family and friends is a huge contributor to the health and wellbeing of everyone.


Peter Duff 
Community Residential Program
Dana Hope
Community Support Program

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