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Update to Health & Transition Services Families

April 8, 2020

April 7, 2020 Update to H&TS Families:
A few families of individuals supported by H&TS have asked that more regular updates be provided, and we will aim to do just that. I’m not sure that it’s realistic to provide daily updates, but we will aim to reach out when there is significant information or a change to share.
We are screening all staff who come in to 440 River Road. Everyone is having their temperature checked, staff are pre-screening at home and are asked again here to ensure that they have no respiratory symptoms, have not traveled, etc. The Shared Health Link is here for a complete description: https://sharedhealthmb.ca/covid19/screening-tool/
We are actively following all of the directives that Shared Health provide, sometimes updated multiple times per day. We are happy to do this, to ensure the health and safety of your family members and our staff. One recent directive is to test all individuals supported if they show any signs of respiratory illness. We have had all of our test results come back negative!Staff are also being tested for any respiratory symptoms and are away from work until they are cleared to return. We have had some staff tested, and their results have also all been negative. This does mean that we have had some sick calls, but we are managing staffing levels within guidelines. We also have the benefit of staff from the school as well as our. Recreation staff facilitating virtual visits with you if that was something that you were interested in.

Staff are maintaining physical distancing, while at the same time
ensuring that there are one to one or very small group (2-3) recreation
and leisure opportunities occurring. One example was the Hungry Hippo
game shown here:
We are attending a Long Term Care conference call daily, ensuring we get all of the latest updates. We are following all of the latest directions, including securing the proper personal protective equipment (PPE) for all staff who work in direct contact with your family members. This is a lot of equipment to be secured for the long term care sector, and we are assured that the equipment will be here the week of April 13th. This includes masks and face shields.
We are also on a weekly call with Community Living disability Services (CLdS), and the WRHA to plan for those with intellectual disability in hospital, who no longer need a hospital bed, but whose longer term home is not yet ready. We did admit one individual on Friday. We followed all of the screening protocols to ensure everyone’s safety. We are required to continue accepting admissions, which are appropriate for our short term, transitional care.
Your family members are well. Hopefully, all of this physical distancing will pay off, and we will be able to resume more normal operations in the not too distant future. We do understand how difficult this time is, and appreciate your understanding and support.
In the meantime, be well.
Joanne van Dyck, M.Sc.
Senior Manager, Health & Transition Services
Gestionnaire principale, services de sante et de transition
440 chemin River Road
Winnipeg, Manitoba
R2M 3Z9
204.256.4301 ext. 4226

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