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Update to H&TS Families – June 10, 2022

June 10, 2022

Dear Health & Transition Services Families, 
There has been a lot of action at St.Amant this week! We have rolled out a new food service at H&TS, we have announced our new CEO, Ben Adaman, and we have formally announced our designation change to the public. While these are all good news items, it may be a lot to take in. We want to reiterate that your loved ones continue to be at the forefront of all day-to-day experiences and decisions here at H&TS.
The sunshine and optimism for the future mean many of the people we support are getting out into the community for exciting events. From visits to Albert Beach to Assiniboine Park to Rainbow Stage and Goldeyes games, the world is expanding for your loved ones – beyond what Covid-19 permitted for quite some time now!
As always, please reach out to me or any of the managers if you have questions about care or activities for your loved one. We are happy to work with you to ensure that the summertime is a fun time!
Aside from summer planning – I wanted to update you regarding our Bulk Food Services rollout. We have learned so much over the past few weeks. We have much to celebrate and still some work to do.
Some of our successes to date are:

  • Bulk Services for Stabilization was rolled out one month early and we are two weeks ahead of schedule serving all meals via the Suzy Q Cart!
  • The new vibrant colours of dishware have been a huge hit. The response to choosing between a red or blue plate has been incredible. We are seeing happy faces all around!
  • People supported love the food & beverage choices. We have plenty of beverage options at each meal (skim, 1%, or 2% milk, regular & diet juice flavour options, water, teas & coffees), dessert options & vegetable options.  
  • Food is coming up fresh and hot – and we are hearing lots of comments about how good everything smells and how it is making everyone hungry!
  • People supported are able to determine for themselves how much and what they want to eat. Plates are coming back empty!
  • Nutrition Services staff are starting to learn the names and faces of people supported and are enjoying getting to know both them and the staff on the units. We are noticing more collaboration and teamwork, and fewer errors at the point of service.

Work we have left to do:

  • This change requires a major shift in our production schedules and how we prepare foods in the kitchen. At this time, we only are able to offer one main entrée item. We will gradually start to offer more choices in entrees as we learn the new process.
  • Supply chain issues sometimes require us to substitute items that are on the menu. Unfortunately, we cannot always anticipate these issues and substitutions have to be made on short notice.
  • Staff are learning their new roles. There will be some bumps and hurdles, but we are making significant progress each day.

Please let us know your thoughts if you are here during mealtime.
I wish you a very happy weekend and look forward to continuing to meet and chat with families in the coming months ahead!
Jennifer Busch
Senior Manager, Health & Transition Services

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