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Update to St.Amant Families for November 25, 2022

November 25, 2022

Dear St.Amant Families,

March 2020 is forever seared in our minds as the time when everything changed. For most of us, the events of the past two years are a blur with only a few significant core memories that will stick with us forever. Through these past years, we have worked hard to share critical, ever-changing information with you in a timely and transparent way. Although the information has not always been perfect and likely not always timely either, I can tell you that we spent a lot of time and energy thinking about how to share information and recognizing the importance of being in the loop.

Many people have shared their gratitude, taken the opportunity to ask very good questions and shared stories about their experiences. Certainly, the communication was not only one-way, and your communication back has been very meaningful to all of us.

I am cautiously sharing today that we are comfortable moving away from our weekly pandemic communication. We no longer have urgent or ever-changing information to share. It is a sense of closure around the crisis and an acknowledgment that we have operationalized our response to Covid-19.

We are in the process of redesigning our organizational e-newsletter and look forward to sharing monthly news and information with you through email each month. If you aren’t sure if you are signed up for our newsletter, or prefer to use a different email address to receive it, please sign up by going to the home page of our website at stamant.ca and entering your information on our subscribe for e-newsletter section. We will also post it on our website each month.

In each newsletter, I will have the opportunity to bring any critical organizational or strategic news through an update from the CEO. I look forward to continuing to engage with you through regular communication and encourage you to share back your questions, insights and stories – your info and contribution helps us do a better job every day.

Wishing you all a great weekend,

Ben Adaman
President & CEO

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