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Update to St.Amant Families – October 21, 2022

October 21, 2022

Dear St.Amant Families,

The last number of months have been busy and challenging, as we have learned so much about how to manage through a network breach. I am hoping that you have all received your formal letter and notification of what happened. Please feel free to reach out to Kristyn Dunn, Coordinator, Health Information & Privacy if you have any questions.

As you will note in the letter, we are extremely grateful for a number of things:

  • The swift action of our IT team and the security company we hired to help
  • That the IT company was not able to find any evidence of information being uploaded or downloaded off of our servers
  • Your patience and understanding as we went through this disruption and uncertainty
  • The patience and support of staff and other stakeholders

As you will have also seen in the letter you received, our IT team has already implemented additional security measures recommended by the security company. We are confident that we are doing everything we can to keep everyone’s personal information as safe as possible. The team also provided some very good information about steps you can take to keep your personal information safe. 

Thank you again for your patience and please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions.

I wish you all a restful weekend,

Ben Adaman
President & CEO