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Watch Paul Compete At The World Latin Dance Cup

December 15, 2015

Earlier in the fall we announced that Paul Redmond, who is supported in our Community Residential Program and was featured in last year’s St.Amant Foundation year end fundraiser, will be competing in the 6th Annual World Latin Dance Cup. Paul and his dance partner Regan Hirose will be dancing this Thursday morning in Miami. The event will be live streamed from www.worldlatindancecup.com on their home page.
Paul competes in the Limitless Division, sometime after 10am CST on Thursday. The final round of the Limitless Division is the second last one to compete on Saturday evening, sometime between 6pm – 12:30am. Paul was born with cerebral palsy and uses a wheelchair but that doesn’t keep him from busting a move on the dance floor. Paul is non-verbal, but when you watch him dance you can see his emotion.
Paul and Regan’s dance company, Cubanisimo, held fundraising events and collected donations to help pay for Regan, Paul and his mother to travel with staff to Miami. Additional support was provided by SCE Lifeworks and St.Amant Foundation.
Good luck Paul & Regan!

(Holly Caruk/CBC)
(Holly Caruk/CBC)