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“Working at St.Amant feels like home.” – Dawn Potter

December 8, 2022

When the Stars Align

Dawn Potter started her journey with St.Amant this September as the Senior Manager of Facilities and this is her story.

Dawn Potter and her son who has a disability posing together in an outdoor summer setting
Dawn and her son Chase when he was younger

Dawn grew up in Rivers, Manitoba – her parents ran a family business, a local hotel. Her love and natural leadership ability developed into expertise in management at a very young age, while working for her mom and dad. High expectations motivated Dawn to help make the family business a success.

The experience she acquired then, is helping her now with a 25-year career in management. She’s worked in various industries in the private and public sectors, including a global customer management firm and a school division.

After many different career paths, Dawn found her home away from home – St.Amant.

Dawn has a 25-year-old son living with a developmental disability, her personal experience drew her here. She knows, first-hand the importance of support workers and the amazing work they do each day!

 “Just being here, seeing the people we support riding their bikes, hearing the music playing in the hallways and seeing their support staff working with them – you know, it feels like I’m at home!” Dawn says smiling from ear to ear

Dawn thinks of her son Chase every day, working for St.Amant and says, “Can stars align any more than this? When your professional and personal lives meet?”

Flexibility and work-life balance are important for Dawn and her family. Remote work allows her to care for Chase, all while fulfilling her career. “A big perk about working at St.Amant is that I have a flexible work environment where I can work from home and on-site!” She says, I’m so grateful to work here”.

Dawn notes that, “No matter the role we’re in, even in operations, the people we support are always top of mind – in every conversation, in every meeting. Whatever small part, I can play, to make St.Amant a place where people can be supported and live full, happy lives – that’s what makes my job so meaningful.”

Please join us in officially welcoming Dawn Potter to St.Amant!

We are currently hiring for various positions! If you are interested in beginning a meaningful career click here!

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