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St.Amant supports over 5,000 people in Manitoba with developmental disabilities, autism and acquired brain injury. We are a not-for-profit organization that offers a wide range of supports for adults, children and their families. Our over 2,000 staff follow a person centred approach and adapt to the needs of each person and each family.

St.Amant strives to support people with developmental disabilities to live meaningful lives as valued members of our community. We are committed to human rights and full community inclusion.

Drawing on a tradition of compassion and service, we use a mindful approach in our daily work and service. Our values guide our actions and our relationships with the people we support, families and co-workers.


Freeing the spirit

Fulfilling potential



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We achieve most when we work in partnerships with others, whether individuals or agencies. We recognize the power of the group to achieve results beyond that possible by individual members working alone.

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We are concerned for the well being of others. We embrace our shared responsibility to provide welcoming and supportive environments and are attentive to individual needs for comfort, safety, security and privacy.

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We are innovative, accountable and continually improving. We support individuals as they wish to be supported, freely embracing change as we respond to the needs of individuals and communities.

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We honour and support the individuality of each person recognizing that the human dimensions of body, mind, emotion, and spirit are inseparable and contribute to and constitute our well being. We welcome diversity in thought, culture and tradition, knowing it strengthens our collective whole.

Strategic Plan 2019-2023

St.Amant’s 2019-2023 strategic plan sets our priorities and direction for the next five years. This plan builds on our previous work and continues down the path of innovation, human rights and improved quality of life for the people we support and all people with disabilities.

St.Amant’s strategic plan is achieved through annual projects that support each priority. Annual goals and reporting are monitored by the Board of Directors.

Truth and Reconciliation Action Plan

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