Help Cole Fight Inflation 

Inflation. The price of necessities is on the rise. It all costs more. Cole lives on a fixed income… his expenses keep increasing, but his income isn’t. He needs your help now, to be able to do the things he loves most again.

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Gift Wrap & Coat Check

Let our volunteer elves at the St.Vital Shopping Centre help you over the holidays and you’ll also give back to St.Amant!

staff member wearing face mask and posing in front of st.amant building

Thank a Caregiver

If you would like to thank a special St.Amant staff member, we will send a personalized thank you card to that staff person, on your behalf, their supervisor will also be informed of your gratitude.

Ways to Give

Stabilization Unit Renovation

Help a Family in Crisis $4M capital campaign.

How You Can Help

Help Cole fight inflation. Help him do the things he loves most again by donating today.

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Keith a person supported by St.Amant's Supported Independent Living Program sitting in a chair. He is wearing a yellow shirt. There is a blue overlay on top of the photo.

December 7, 2022

Help Keith Do What He Loves Again

Inflation. Many of us have noticed its effects, but for those living on a fixed income, today’s rising costs can lead to difficult choices that impact their quality of life. Costs are increasing…but Keith’s income isn’t… He needs your help! Keith is an intellectual and keeps a pretty busy schedule. He goes to church every […]