Collaboration is one of our core values, we know we can make a bigger difference in our community when we work with others.


Abilities Manitoba
St.Amant is a member of Abilities Manitoba which represents a network of agencies and advocates for the network to foster excellence in services for people with intellectual disabilities.

Compassion Network
We are responsible for a family of 15 health and human service agencies where every day, more than 7,000 people of all faiths, traditions and cultures make a difference in the lives of those who walk through our doors in their time of need.

Funding Partners
St.Amant is funded on a program-by-program basis primarily by the Department of Families and the Department of Health, with additional funding from theDepartment of Education and Early Childhood Learning, and federally through First Nations and Inuit Branch.

The St.Amant Foundation raises money for children and adults who receive services from St.Amant. Many recreation, leisure, technology and equipment would not be possible without the support of the Foundation. They also fundraise for major capital projects.

For Families & Self Advocates:

People First of Manitoba
People First of Manitoba is the voice of Manitobans’ labelled with an intellectual disability. People First of Manitoba is led by a group of self-advocates who believe all people labelled with an intellectual disability, need to be recognized as equal citizens with the same rights, values, choices and freedoms as every one else.

Inclusion Winnipeg
Winnipeg is a registered charity, which, for 60 years, has been dedicated to making life better for children and adults living with intellectual disabilities. We do this by connecting people, assisting their families to navigate systems and leading the way in advancing their human rights. We promote respect, empowerment and belonging to ensure equality for all.

Continuity Care
Continuity Care is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to supporting families in Manitoba to plan for an enriched quality of life for their family member with an intellectual disability. We help families achieve peace of mind by planning for the future and creating connections that last a lifetime.

Community Living Manitoba
Community Living Manitoba is a strong provincial network of 11 Local Branches working together with partners, families and governments. We seek approaches to support the empowerment of people with intellectual disabilities in all aspects of their lives.

Organizations that support Families:

St.Amant Family Association
The St.Amant Family Association is an effective working group that supports and strengthens the decision-making process within St.Amant. We have honest and open communication with St.Amant and fully support their efforts to maintain a high-quality standard of health and well-being for the children and adults they support.

For more information about the St.Amant Family Association,
Doreen Draffin, Co-Chair: 204-334-1396
Jerry Plitnikas, Co-Chair & Communications: 204-797-6850,
St.Amant at 204-256-4301.

Membership applications are also available at 440 River Road front reception and online here.

The Family Advocacy Network (FAN)
The Family Advocacy Network (FAN) of Manitoba is a network of parents, family members, and caregivers of people, both children and adults, with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

PACE (Parents for Autistic Children Everywhere)

MFEAT (Manitobans for Effective Autism Treatment)
The name pretty well says it all. “Manitoba Families for Effective Autism Treatment” (MFEAT) is a group of families in the province of Manitoba, Canada who promote and support treatments proven effective for autism and related disorders. Our mission is to ensure Manitoba children with autism spectrum disorder have access to effective autism treatment.