Accessibility Plan

At St.Amant, accessibility means participation for all people. As a non-profit organization, St.Amant is not required to develop an accessibility plan. Because accessibility is an expression of St.Amant’s core values, St.Amant chose to develop one. We have also committed to meeting the accessibility standards according to the public sector timeline instead of the later timeline for non-profit organizations.

Please email with your feedback on how St.Amant can achieve full accessibility.


St.Amant’s commitment to accessibility:

  • to achieve full accessibility in partnership with the people we support, their support networks, and our staff.
  • to meet or exceed our obligations under The Accessibility for Manitobans Act (AMA).
  • to share expertise on accessibility and to advocate for the rights for all people
  • to become a leader in accessibility in Manitoba.

The AMA, passed unanimously in 2013, has the goal of significantly increasing accessibility in Manitoba by 2023. The AMA provides a framework for the identification, removal, and prevention of barriers to accessibility. It applies to all public, private and non-profit organizations in Manitoba that have more than one employee and provide a good or service. All public sector organizations are required to develop accessibility plans and to make them public. Compliance with the AMA will be guided by five accessibility standards. The standards relate to Customer Service, Employment, Information and Communication, Transportation and Design, and Construction. Public sector organizations are required to comply with the standards more quickly than private or non-profit organizations. For more information on the AMA and Accessibility Standards, please see

Accessibility Plan

The Accessibility for
Manitobans Act:
Customer Service Standard

St.Amant Accessibility Policies:

Feedback Process

Public Events

Built Environment


Use of
Assistive Devices

Persons for People Disabled by Barrier

Accessible Employment

Access for Person with Service Animals

Accessible Customer Service