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Research Team

The St.Amant Research Centre is an interdisciplinary team. Our work is made possible by the participation individuals supported by St.Amant and their families, student and volunteer assistants, research affiliates from across Canada and a Community Advisory Group.

Dr. Toby Martin – Director
Dr. Martin holds a B.A., M.A., and Ph.D in Psychology from the University of Manitoba. His academic training focused on experimental behaviour analysis, and his research interests today include knowledge translation, computer-aided peer-to-peer learning, and behaviour feedback systems. At St.Amant Research Centre, Toby assists in planning and carrying out research grants, as well as managing communication, human resources, and financial resources. In addition to his work at St.Amant, Dr. Martin is an assistant professor at the University of Manitoba.

To contact Dr. Toby Martin email Toby.Martin@umanitoba.ca

Dr. Shahin Shooshtari – Researcher (Community Health Sciences)

Dr. Shahin Shooshtari is a Professor in the Department of Community Health Sciences at the University of Manitoba. She is also a researcher affiliated with St.Amant Research Centre. Over the last decade, she has developed an interdisciplinary program of research on Health and Well-being of Persons with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDD). Epidemiology of IDD, health trajectories, utilization of health and social services, aging-related health issues, patterns and causes of mortality have been some areas of research with focus on Manitoba using population-level administrative, or survey data. Evidence-informed planning and evaluation of community transitions for persons with IDD is a recent research study in progress. Dr. Shooshtari’s program of research is applied, using integrated knowledge translation model to inform policy and practice in IDD.  

To contact Dr. Shahin Shooshtari email shahin.shooshtari@umanitoba.ca

Dr. Dickie C.T. Yu – Distinguished Researcher (Faculty of Arts)
Dr. Yu served as Research Director at St.Amant from1997 until 2014. Although retired from his role as Director, Dr. Yu collaborates on several projects with St.Amant Research Centre as a Distinguished Researcher. Dr. Yu holds a B.A. in psychology and a M.A. and Ph.D. in applied behaviour analysis at University of Manitoba. He has taught at Memorial University of Newfoundl and and worked as a psychologist and researcher at Surrey Place Centre in Toronto. In addition to his work at St.Amant, Dr. Yu is a Professor at University of Manitoba.

To contact Dr. Dickie C.T. Yu email CT.Yu@umanitoba.ca


Our research is made possible by the participation of many individuals supported by St.Amantf and families. Some of our projects include participants from across Canada.


Our core research team is supported by student employees and volunteers, all of whom receive training for future careers in developmental disabilities.


Our research affiliates provide a network for the St.Amant research team to collaborate with in developing research proposals, conducting multi-site studies, preparing joint publications and presentations, and training students. Our affiliates are distinguished researchers from across Canada working in the field of developmental disabilities.

Dr. Marni Brownell
Senior Research Scientist, Manitoba Centre for Health Policy
Assistant Professor, Department of Community Health Sciences, University of Manitoba

Dr. Albert Chudley
Medical Director, Genetics Program, WRHA
Professor of Medicine, University of Manitoba

Dr. Maurice Feldman
Professor and Chancellor’s Research Chair, Child and Youth Studies, Brock University

Dr. Jeanette Holden (1947-2012)
Professor, Autism Research Program, Departments of Psychiatry and Physiology, Queen’s University

Dr. Suzanne Lewis
Clinical Professor of Medicine and Scholar, Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research, University of British Columbia and BC Children’s Hospital

Dr. Kris Malisza
Adjunct Professor, Department of Physiology and Psychology, University of Manitoba

Dr. Garry Martin
Distinguished Professor Emeritus, Psychology, University of Manitoba

Dr. Diana E. McMillan
Associate Professor, Faculty of Nursing, University of Manitoba
Research Affiliate, Riverview Health Centre Sleep Health Consultant

Hélène Ouellette-Kuntz
Assistant Professor of Community Health and Epidemiology and Psychiatry, Queen’s University

Dr. Loretta Secco
Associate Professor of Nursing, University of New Brunswick

Dr. Frank Symons
Associate Professor, Educational Psychology, University of Minnesota

Dr. Tricia Vause
Assistant Professor of Child and Youth Studies and Applied Disability Studies, Brock University

Dr. Charmayne Dubé
Director of Supported Day and Residential Services, New Directions for Children, Youth, Adults and Families

Dr. Brian Iwata
Professor, Psychology & Psychiatry, University of Florida

Dr. Janine Montgomery
Assistant Professor, School Psychology, University of Manitoba

Dr. Joseph J. Pear
Professor, Psychology, University of Manitoba

Community Advisory Group

Our Community Advisory Group provides input from diverse perspectives, including families, service providers, managers, administrators, policymakers, academics and researchers.

See a list of current Advisory Group members.