Monthly Giving

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Give Every Month

You can be a GEM! by giving every month.

Our GEM’s know that every month, their donation is helping someone meet a goal, create a new memory or experience life in a more inclusive way.

That’s twelve meaningful opportunities from every GEM in a year! Twelve times a year, you’re helping to create choice and meaningful opportunities to make connections for the people we support at St.Amant.

Your monthly gift is automatic by credit card or directly from your bank account.

Or by mail (cheque or money order):
St.Amant Foundation
440 River Road, Winnipeg , MB R2M 3Z9

By Phone: 204-258-7073 Our office is currently closed to the public and our team is currently working offsite.

Marc’s Story

Marc De Spiegelaere has been Giving Every Month for five years-  he’s a GEM! He started when he learned about St.Amant through a family member, who was a staff member. He then continued to donate, even after she left the organization, because he saw how much his gift made a difference.

A firefighter, Marc has been to medical calls for people supported by St.Amant “The staff are amazing, they are so knowledgeable, every time we’ve been there for an emergency call… they’re caring, kind and they  know so much about the people they’re supporting.”

Not only does he see the incredible care that is happening behind the scenes, he enjoys learning how his donations help. “I love seeing the pictures, I really liked the magnet- it’s still on our fridge!” he loves seeing updates on social media, reading the newsletter and attending the donor breakfast.

One tax receipt at the end of the year and many opportunities to know where his money is going. Monthly donations are a win for you, and for St.Amant.  “It’s how I like to do everything- I pay for my Winnipeg Jets season tickets the same way – automatically every month- it’s something I care about and it’s something that I want to make sure happens- it’s nice to start the donations and have it taken care of.”

staff member with young child

The staff…. they’re caring, kind and they know so much about the people they’re supporting.

Help / Contact / Support

For more information, or to make a donation, please call 204-258-7073.

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