Adult Volunteers

Each week, more than 135 St.Amant volunteers help enhance the lives of people with developmental disabilities and autism in a variety of programs throughout the organization. The range of volunteer opportunities is vast! From recreational activities, pen pals, helping to make phone calls and assisting with swim activities, the sky is the limit for our volunteer community. No matter where you volunteer within the organization, you are making a difference, meeting great people and having fun!


As an organization, we work in collaboration with one another, to help build a more inclusive society and advocate for people with developmental disabilities and autism. As a volunteer, you are an important part of our organization. We’ve heard from volunteers, the experience they have at St.Amant has not only enhanced important life skills, it’s expanded their circle of friends. We believe in being inclusive, making a difference, working hard and having fun.


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Recreation and Leisure Opportunities

Volunteers support people to participate in recreation and leisure opportunities, both in person and virtually. The range of volunteer opportunities is vast!

From pen pals, to helping to make phone calls and assisting with swim activities , the sky is the limit!

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St.Amant School

Volunteers support students to participate in a wide variety of learning activities; sensory stimulation programs, physiotherapy, community outings, gym recreational and swimming (we have both indoor and outdoor pools).

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Friendly Visitors

Volunteers spend time one to one visiting with people at 440 River Road, virtually or in community homes in a casual setting (reading, walking, playing games, etc).

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River Road Child Care

Volunteers assist with the preparation of upcoming events, everyday hands – on activities, assisting children in outdoor activities and many other tasks in a licensed daycare setting for children aged 2-6.

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Volunteers perform basic clerical duties such as data entry, phone calls, filing and photocopying.

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Volunteers help the head gardener with planting, weeding and general maintenance of the 440 River Road the Buhler Gardens and community homes.

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Pet Program

Many people we support enjoy spending time with friendly, well-mannered pets.

Tailored Opportunities
to Volunteer

When possible, we will tailor opportunities to match interests, skill development needs and availability of the volunteer.


Virtual volunteer opportunities are as unique as each volunteer and each person we support. You can facilitate a cooking class, read a story one on one with a person we support, host a dance class or share craft ideas. We encourage our volunteers to create fun and meaningful opportunities through this avenue.


If you’re 18 years and older, and you volunteer for 100 hours or more, you can access the following benefits:

  • You’re considered an internal applicant for any job posting within St.Amant (following union posting guidelines).
  • You can access St.Amant’s Corporate Education Training opportunities
  • You may request a reference, for future employment and scholarship opportunities
  • You’re a part of a fun community
  • You are welcome to join St.Amant clubs and committees
  • You’re invited to Volunteer recognition and appreciation events


St.Amant’s head office in St. Vital is serviced by Winnipeg Transit Routes 16 and 54.

There is limited transit availability on evenings and weekends to 440 River Road. Winnipeg Transit’s new On-Request transit service pilot project is now in service for South and South East Winnipeg. Passengers can book On-Request trips using the Winnipeg Transit On-Request app. Passengers can also book rides using a web browser to access the Winnipeg Transit On-Request booking site, or by calling 311. Bookings are required before using the On-Request service to ensure there is enough room for everyone.

“The time I spend volunteering at St.Amant is the highlight of my week. To be able to spend even just a few hours a week with these incredible individuals is such an honor and enriching experience. I always leave my shift with a bigger smile than when I arrived. Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of such an amazing organization.”

Brenda Comte, Volunteer



How old do I have to be to volunteer at St.Amant?

Volunteers must be at least 12 years old and/or going into Grade 7.


Does St.Amant have opportunities for students during the summer months?

Yes. We encourage students to apply in early June as spaces fill up quickly.


Can I use St.Amant as a reference?

Any youth volunteer who volunteers 40 hours or more can formally request a reference. Volunteer services can provide a reference based on the volunteer’s evaluation, supervisor feed back and we can share attendance information.

Without a formal request, our confidentiality policy means that we can only verifyvolunteer status and active dates.

We’ve heard that a lot of youth use these references for their first job and/or scholarship applications.


I’m on a student visa. Can I volunteer?



Will volunteering help me get a job at St.Amant?

Anyone 18+ who volunteers 100 hours or more is considered an internal applicant. Volunteering will help you gain employment skills and provides valuable experience, but it does not guarantee a paid position.


What type of references do I need for my application form?

You require references from people who have known you for at least three months and are from different aspects of your life (teachers, co-workers, group leaders, supervisors or colleagues). Always ask permission to use someone as a reference and provide a current, daytime phone number. References from family members are not accepted.


Do I need a Criminal Records check and a Child Abuse Registry check?

All volunteers 18 years and older will require a Criminal Record Check, Child Abuse Registry Check and Adult Abuse Registry Check.

It’s best to wait to apply for these checks until after you receive an official volunteer placement. Volunteer Services can complete the Child Abuse Registry and Adult Abuse Registry Check free of charge.

After 100 volunteer hours, the cost of the Criminal Record Check will be reimbursed if done through the St.Amant Volunteer Services portal. Please wait until volunteer placement before starting this process.


What level of English language and literacy do I need to successfully volunteer?

Many of our placements require interactions with others; we ask our volunteers be able to follow directions, give directions and to express themselves clearly and concisely in English.


Do I need any special immunizations to volunteer at St.Amant?

Yes, anyone 12 years or older will require two doses of theCOVID-19 vaccination.We also encourage all volunteers to receive the seasonal flu vaccine because many oft he people we support are highly susceptible to upper-respiratory infections.


Is there a minimum time commitment?

A minimum one shift per week, or 40 hours over a four-month period. Shifts are 1-3 hours depending on the placement.


What qualities do you look for in volunteers?

We look for people who are motivated, energetic and customer service oriented.You’ll find many of our long time volunteers have a positive attitude, an open mind and are sensitive to the needs of others.


Which days of the week, and what time of day can I volunteer?

We have volunteer placements seven days a week from morning until late evening. We have more opportunities,Monday to Friday during the day, than any other time.


How can I do a practicum at St.Amant?

You can connect with Corporate Education here kkircher@stamant.ca for any practicum inquiries.


What area volunteer’s responsibilities?

To know when your volunteer shifts are happening, to be on time for those shifts and to be ready to volunteer when you arrive, dressed appropriately and ready to work! We appreciate at least two weeks notice before a vacation and as much notice as you can before an absence, understanding that we want everyone to be healthy while they’re volunteering.


What should I wear?

Closed-toe shoes are important, clothes that are comfortable and easy to move in. We would advise against any long necklaces or flowy sweaters that may get in the way of any active movements


Can I use St.Amant as a reference?

Anyone 18+ who has volunteered 100 hours or more can formally request a reference. Volunteer services can provide a reference based on the volunteer’s evaluation, supervisor feed back and we can share attendance management information.

Students applying for scholarships, reference is available at 40 hours.

Without a formal request, our confidentiality policy means that we can only verify volunteer status and active dates.


Can my group/organization come for a one day volunteer experience?

Please connect with the St.Amant Foundation for one-time/group and workplace volunteer opportunities foundation@stamant.ca or volunteer@stamant.ca