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Current River Road Place Responsibilities

October 24, 2016

Peter Duff, Director of Care shared this memo on the recent responsibility changes at River Road Place.
As you know, River Road Place is growing and evolving. These changes have seen more people residing at River Road Place who have complex medical needs. We’re also in the process of planning for renovations to the ABC cottage units to accommodate people with developmental disabilities who require behavioural support. Additionally, as some individuals move to the community, we’re increasing our nursing support to ensure that all of their health needs are being met in their new environment.
We made some changes to our management structure over the summer. Lisa Larocque and Kerry Heather took on the roles of Co-Managers of Nursing & Health Services. Together they are leading the Nursing services at River Road Place as well as the Nursing services provided in the community.
Recognizing a need for systematic planning and evaluation around the care experience and quality improvement opportunities at River Road Place, we hired Joanne van Dyck into the role of Senior Manager of Care Experience & Quality. Joanne will supervise and support the Resident Care Managers as well as our Transition Social Work position. She’ll ultimately be responsible for ensuring we deliver person and family-centred services. It will be her role to act as family advocate and will be very involved with the Family Association and will play a key role on the Transition Sub Committee.
Todd MacDonald was appointed Senior Manager of Service Transformation at River Road Place. Todd’s role has expanded to include responsibility for all new initiatives, while continuing to lead the cottage living areas and the homes we operate for people with acquired brain injuries.
Todd’s responsibilities on 1 East have been reassigned to Dave Nyiro who currently also manages 3 East and West. Todd’s responsibilities on 1 West have been reassigned to Julie Desrochers who currently manages 2 East and West and the Complex Respiratory Care Service. This change allows all current staff to remain in their positions. This decision was made to minimize any disruptions to daily support.
Additionally, the Supervisors will work together as a team to support all living units but will now have primary responsibility for one area as follows:

  • Kathleen Legaspi -1st Floor
  • JovanReyes–2nd Floor
  • Pam Dussome – 3rd Floor
  • Carie McLeod – Cottages and ABI homes

We continue to work hard to ensure that the people we support receive the best services possible. If you have any questions about these changes, please contact myself at ext. 4290 or pduff@stamant.ca or anyone listed below.