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Community Nurse Consultation


Nurse consultants support best possible health in people with developmental disabilities by providing assessments, developing intervention plans and supporting person-specific training. Nurse consultants work to make sure a person’s health needs are safely met in a shift-staffed environment where many staff support the same person.

A nurse consultant can provide education about new or existing diagnoses (physical or mental health) that may impact a person’s care needs and behavior. Staff can provide better supports when they understand the meaning of a diagnosis, common signs and symptoms and the impact the diagnosis has on the person. Nurse consultants also help with navigation and advocacy in health systems.

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Who Qualifies?

  • Adults supported through the Community Residential Program
  • Children and adults with complex needs who are transitioning from Health & Transition Services to community living
  • Adults transitioning from Manitoba Developmental Centre to community living
  • Adults supported through Inclusion Selkirk
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Please reach out to St.Amant Central Intake
at 204-258-7041 for more information.

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