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Video presentation – Challenging Eating: When Picky Becomes A Problem

February 26, 2019

Picky and problem eating behaviours are a common concern in many families. In this one-hour session, attendees will review basic strategies and tips to improve mealtime behaviours and limited food repertoire in problem eaters. Themes to be discussed include behaviour modification, tools to improve fine motor skills, environmental assessment, building oral motor skills, and improvement of overall nutrition status.
Participants will learn the difference between picky and problem eating; learn the role of an interdisciplinary team in the treatment of problem eating and learn general tips to improve mealtime behaviours such as assistance with structuring mealtime routines, setting goals, reward goals and troubleshooting goals. Attendees will also learn tips and strategies such as introducing new foods, trying new foods to expand food repertoire.
Presented by Tammy Mestdagh, Psychology Technician, and Julia Ruta, Clinical Dietitian.