Réseau Compassion Network

St.Amant is part of Réseau Compassion Network, which brings together 15 health and social service organizations.

In October 2000, the Gray Nuns of Manitoba transferred stewardship, governance and ownership of their life’s work to Réseau Compassion Network, of which St.Amant is a part.


Today, Réseau Compassion Network helps member organizations work together to address unmet needs in the community, solve problems as a group, and pool resources where possible. The organization provides training to promote spiritual health, using mindfulness and meditation practices. Réseau Compassion Network is responsible for appointing board members to each of the 15 member organizations and contributing to the governance of these boards. To learn more about serving on a Compassion Network board, click here.

reseau compassion network

Administrative Offices

431 Taché Avenue, Rm N5072
Winnipeg, MB R2H 2A6
Tel.: (204) 258-1053 | Fax: (204) 231-4286