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Flu Season Is Coming: Flu Shot Schedule

October 11, 2016

Each year in Canada, about 3500 people die from the flu complications such as pneumonia. The flu also leads to approximately 12,000 hospitalizations per year. Even though you may be healthy, you could be carrying the flu virus in your body, which means you can spread it to others.
Earlier this year an outbreak occurred and 23 people living at River Road Place had Influenza A or H1N1.
Flu shot clinics are scheduled throughout October at 440 River Road to help protect others.
If you get a flu shot through your doctor or local pharmacy you can let Occupational Health Services know by calling 204 256.4301 ext. 0 or email flushot@stamant.ca, so they can have a more accurate list of which staff has received a flu shot.
Protect yourself, your family and your community by getting one. Remember to wear loose clothing that allows access to the upper arm and bring your Manitoba Health card. Private clinics have been scheduled for program and service areas as well – see below for a schedule of flu shot clinics.
OHS = Occupational Health Services
Tuesday, October 11
8:30am-11:45am OHS
1pm-4:15pm OHS
Wednesday, October 12
8:30am-9:30am OHS
1pm-4:15pm Mobile Clinic ~ Call 204-793-6847 for location
Thursday, October 13
7:30am-10:45am OHS
12pm-3:15pm OHS
Friday, October 14
9am-11:45am Mobile Clinic ~ Call 204-793-6847 for location
1pm-4:15pm OHS
Saturday, October 15
11am-2:30pm Mobile Clinic ~ Call 204-793-6847 for location
Monday, October 17
8:30am-10:15am OHS
1pm-4:15pm Mobile Clinic ~ Call 204-793-6847 for location
Tuesday, October 18
12pm-12:45pm OHS
2pm-3:45pm OHS
5:15pm-7:45pm Mobile Clinic ~ Call 204-793-6847 for location
Wednesday, October 19
9:30am-11:45am OHS
3:15pm-4:30pm OHS (after Town Hall)
Thursday, October 20
9am-11:45am OHS
1pm-3pm Mobile Clinic ~ Call 204-793-6847 for location
Friday, October 21
830am-11:15am By Appointment only (call 256-4301 then 0 to book)
Monday, October 24
08:30am-09:15am OHS
2:30pm-4:15pm OHS – Last Call!
Wednesday, November 2
Public Clinic held in St.Amant Gym

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