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May 7, 2024

Meet Dr. Rasha Baruni and Dr. Madeline Burghardt:

Advocates for Progress in Developmental Disability Research

We are delighted to introduce not just one, but two exceptional researchers who have recently joined the St.Amant Research Centre team. Dr. Rasha Baruni and Dr. Madeline Burghardt bring unique perspectives and extensive experience to their roles, further strengthening our commitment to advancing the field of developmental disability research.

First, let us introduce Dr. Rasha Baruni. As an Assistant Professor at the University of Manitoba and a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst at the Doctoral level, Dr. Baruni’s expertise lies in applied behaviour analysis. With over 15 years of experience providing behaviour analytic services to children and adolescents with developmental disabilities and autism, her dedication to enhancing the lives of those she serves is evident. Dr. Baruni’s research interests encompass critical areas such as child safety and injury prevention, assessment and treatment of challenging behaviours, and staff training and performance management. Her scholarly contributions have made a profound impact on the field, and we are honoured to have her as part of our team.

Now, let us introduce Dr. Madeline Burghardt. With a PhD in Critical Disability Studies from York University, Dr. Burghardt brings a wealth of knowledge and insight to her role. Her research, as showcased in her book “Broken: Institutions, Families, and the Construction of Intellectual Disability,” explores the effects of institutionalization on people labelled/with intellectual disabilities and members of their families. Dr. Burghardt’s work extends beyond academia; she is deeply committed to working with people labeled/with intellectual disabilities in both professional and artistic capacities and is a devoted ally of the institutional survivor community. Her recent fellowship at the Institute for Feminist Legal Scholarship at Osgoode Law School underscores her dedication to interdisciplinary collaboration and advocacy.

Dr. Burghardt’s research interests also include the geopolitics and histories of difference and disability. She has received  prestigious grants from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada, allowing her to pursue projects that undertake collaborative research with people with intellectual disabilities, mobilize disability studies scholarship within the broader community, and explore the impact of the historical thalidomide tragedy in Canada. As an Assistant Professor in the Department of Occupational Therapy at the University of Manitoba, Dr. Burghardt is poised to make significant contributions to our understanding of disability.

Together, Dr. Baruni and Dr. Burghardt represent the forefront of developmental disability research and we are excited to have them join the St.Amant Research Centre team. Their dedication, expertise, and passion for improving the lives of individuals with disabilities and their families are invaluable assets to our community. We look forward to the impactful collaborations and discoveries that will emerge from their work.

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