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New initiatives revealed at Town Hall

April 29, 2019

Here’s our latest spring Town Hall, broken up in different segments.
Presentation: John Leggat, President & CEO, discusses some of the goals of St.Amant’s new strategic priorities.

Questions & Answers: John Leggat, President & CEO, answers questions from staff, families, and people supported by St.Amant.

Interview: John Leggat, President & CEO, interviews longtime employee Leanne Fenez, Director, Special Projects about the work she’s doing across the province and with St.Amant.

What Makes A Good Life? We’ve heard from people with developmental disabilities, autism, and acquired brain injuries that they want authentic relationships and to be part of their community. One of the goals in our current strategic plan is to support people to have meaningful relationships beyond family members and paid staff. In five years, we want everyone supported residentially by St.Amant to have at least two meaningful connections in their lives.

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