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Nurturing Resilience Among Children, Youth, & Families with Complex Needs Training

October 18, 2016

Register now for a joint conference offered by Marymound and the Aulneau Renewal Centre called Nurturing Resilience Among Children, Youth, & Families with Complex Needs on November 30-December 1, featuring Dr. Michael Ungar. Dr. Ungar will also be offering an evening seminar called I Still Love You and Other Things Troubled Children Need to Hear on November 30 from 6:30-8:30pm.
The goal of this two-day conference is to uncover pathways to resilience in very challenging contexts using a multi- systems approach. Participants will have an opportunity to talk about examples of effective services from their own workplace, as well as find solutions for clients who may be difficult to engage.
Several themes will be discussed with regard to service design, including coordination of services across “silos”, continuity of services over time, the need for cultural sensitivity, and how services can show they are effective. In the 2-day conference, Dr. Ungar will show that resilience is a process that is nurtured by service providers who match their interventions to their client’s needs and who can make those services available and accessible in ways that people experience as culturally and contextually relevant.
This conference will present a social ecological approach to service delivery and design that makes mental health and addictions services strengths-focused and resistance-proof, drawing on the capacity of a client’s friends, family, teachers, and community as potential sources of support.
Taking a strengths-based approach to working with individuals and families with complex needs is a goal of both the Aulneau Renewal Centre and Marymound. We believe in Dr. Ungar’s approach to resiliency and recognize it as an important healing methodology that can only serve to enhance the knowledge and expertise of people who work with children and families.

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