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Sensory Friendly Entertainment Accommodations Increasing

December 21, 2018

Family entertainment providers are becoming more accommodating to people with autism, their families, and caregivers by offering better ways to make sure everyone can have fun.
Accommodations for people with sensory concerns are being offered at a few locations:
Manitoba Children’s Museum 

The Explore-Abilities Morning event on December 29 is fully booked, but you can plan ahead to enjoy two sensory-friendly and interactive events happening at the Manitoba Children’s Museum in the new year.
Trained employees, smaller crowds, designated quiet zones, extra signage for safety, and lower sound and light in the galleries make for more comfortable experiences, offered in an accepting environment. Sensory-sensitive gear such as sunglasses, ear defenders, weighted lap pads, and fidget toys are available for the asking.
For just $5, people with autism and their accompanying family member or caregiver are welcome on February 18 and April 1, from 8 am to 9:25 am. Book ahead!
Note: The Children’s Museum opens to the general public at 9:30 am. Visitors are welcome to stay after this time, however, lights, sounds, signage, and other Explore-Abilities elements/accommodations will return to regular operating levels at 9:30 am. Registration is required for this event. Space is limited and available on a first come, first serve basis.
For more info about the Explore-Abilities Access Program, contact Erin McIntyre at 204.924.4003 or emcintyre@childrensmuseum.com.
A Movie in the Morning
Cineplex Entertainment and Autism Speaks are partnering to present sensory friendly movies every four to six weeks, on Saturdays at 10:30 am. mary
Mary Poppins Returns is showing Jan. 12, 2019 at select theatres. Guests (adult or child) pay the children’s ticket price and movies are presented in a lights up and lowered sound theatre.
Tickets are available the Tuesday prior to the screening date. To confirm screening dates and locations, visit Cineplex’s website and click the Sensory Friendly link listed under theatres.
FREE sensory kits at Bell MTS Place 

Bell MTS Place can be an overstimulating place to watch the Jets or Moose play, so True North Sports + Entertainment has stepped up to provide free sensory kits for people with sensory concerns who want to attend games, concerts and live events.
The sensory kits include sound-muffling headphones, fidget toys, sanitary wipes and tissues, stickers, a communication card, and a map pointing out accessible washrooms, elevators, and all emergency exits.
Ask for a free kit at Guest Services, located across from section 103/104 or outside section 325.

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