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Dietitians at St.Amant support people who have developmental disabilities and autism and provide recommendations and counselling about diet, food, and nutrition. Our services help people maintain or improve their well-being through nutrition and provide options that improve their health and quality of life.

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Who Qualifies?

  • People supported in Health &Transition Services
  • People supported by the Community Residential Program
  • People enrolled in either Children’s disability Services (Cds)
  • People enrolled inCommunity Living disability Services (CLdS)

For children enrolled in CdS, referrals must come from the Community Services Worker(CSW)For adults enrolled in CLdS, referrals can come from the Community Services Worker, physician, or clinician.

We follow these eligibility requirements:

Children’s disABILITY Services
Community Living and disABILITY Services

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Please reach out to St.Amant Central Intake at

204-258-7041 for more information.

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