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What’s On Your Summer Bucket List?

June 13, 2022

Summer is here FINALLY!  

There are many rumblings of summer plans brewing for the people we support. Manitoba summers can sometimes feel exciting and overwhelming- so many things we want to squeeze into two to three months! Our staff in our residential programs are helping to organize all the fun ideas with a bucket list.

Buckets lists are a grouping of all the activities the people we support want to accomplish in a season. Each bucket list item completed receives a point, and at the end of the summer, there will be a draw for prizes for the people who completed the most from their list!

Bucket list ideas include but are certainly not limited to:

  • Thunder Rapids Go Cart Races
  • Spend a day at Grand Beach
  • Watch a drive-in movie
  • Grow your own produce
  • Support a local farmers’ market
  • Host a barbeque
  • Visit Assiniboine Park Zoo
  • Attend a Goldeyes game
  • Take a road trip to Lockport

The sky is the limit!

We’re also hearing about plans for people we support to attend musicals at Rainbow Stage, enjoy dinner and a show at Celebrations Dinner Theatre and gather for multiple picnics and barbeques in the park.

Time at the Cottage

In Manitoba, you often hear folks sharing their weekend plans asking “going to the cottage?” The people we support are making plans to get to the cottage and enjoy some time in nature amongst the trees and the quiet.  St.Amant has a cottage at Albert Beach where folks can relax in the shaded backyard or take a short walk to the beach. Another free option for people supported by St.Amant is the Spirit Cottage on the banks of the Red River at 440 River Road. With trees all around, you feel like you’re outside of the city. You can float in the pool during the day and rest beside a beautiful campfire at night.  

We can’t wait to see photos and hear the stories of the fun that everyone will have this summer.

What’s on your summer bucket list?

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