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St.Amant Autism Programs: New Service Models

October 5, 2015

Parent Support Model
Families on the Early Learning wait list have access to the Parent Support Model, which provides educational opportunities, an assessment, goal planning and consultation services.
To address the growing demands for the Early Learning Program, St.Amant will be offering a Pre-kindergarten program for children over the age of four focused on preparing for school entry. This class begins in January 2016 and offers Early Intensive programming for 6 to 9 months at a site-based classroom.
Early Learning
The service will provide children with up to 2 years of Comprehensive Early Intensive Behavioural Intervention plus up to one year of less intensive programming until he/she is eligible for school entry.
Children entering kindergarten will receive a focused model of service for one year to support the transition into the classroom.
School age
After the kindergarten transition year, all children will be eligible to access referral-based consultative services until the age of 21. This service will be requested through the child’s school with a focus on addressing challenging behaviour and social skills. St.Amant will prioritize services based on the individual student’s needs.
Family and School Team Supports
We continue to offer services to families receiving or waiting for St.Amant services, including access to workshops and training for parents, family members, and school teams.
Workshops currently include:
• Triple P Group Stepping Stones
• What is Applied Behaviour Analysis?
• Understanding Applied Behaviour Analysis and Autism Spectrum Disorder
• Teaching Strategies for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder
• Eat Your Peas
• What is ABA for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder in Child Care Facilities
• Working with Children with Special Needs: practical and effective strategies
• Learning about Increasing Desirable Behaviours
• Learning about Decreasing Undesirable Behaviours
• School Age Workshop
• Teaching Children with Autism: Classroom Strategies
• Teaching Social Skills to Children on the Autism Spectrum
• Understanding and Treating Challenging Behaviours

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