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St.Amant Embraces Community Living

November 2, 2013

St.Amant plans to transition 15 people per year over the next 5 years from their large residence on River Road to community living.

“This has been on St.Amant’s agenda for a long time, and it has been happening – just much more slowly than we would like. There is no lack of support from St.Amant or the people we support, but the reality is these decisions require funding,” said John Leggat, President & CEO of St.Amant.

Currently there are approximately 75 people out of 189 who live at River Road Place on the transition list. The transition list tracks the people supported by St.Amant’s River Road Place who have identified a preference to move to the community. St.Amant also works with individuals and their families on informed choice for living options and John says the list could increase significantly in the next year.

Opening up space at River Road Place will make room for St.Amant to meet other high needs in the community such as: space for crisis stabilization, new respite beds and more room for people with complex medical needs that require 24 hour nursing care.

“St.Amant is absolutely committed to moving people from our large residence into the community. We are finalizing our transition plan, the people on the list are ready to move and we’re working with our funding partner to make it happen,” said John Leggat.
Currently, St.Amant is the largest provider of community living services in Manitoba, supporting 183 people at over 70 sites (including foster care and crisis stabilization).

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