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St.Amant Hosts Sacred Fire Ceremony for National Day for Truth and Reconciliation

September 22, 2021

To help us prepare our hearts, minds and spirits for The National Day for Truth and Reconciliation next week, the people St.Amant supports, staff and volunteers are invited to a sacred fire at the Spirit Cottage on Wednesday, September 29.  
The day will begin with a ceremony at approximately 8:30am on the 29th. The fire will remain lit until 4:30pm. We are each invited to the morning ceremony and/or to visit the fire a time that suits us best during the day. Additional details about how we can prepare and participate will be provided later this week. 
Each person attending will be asked to provide a vaccination card to be scanned and ID for verification.
We will begin gathering at 08:30am and proceed as planned. Earlier, it was announced that the ceremony would begin at 7:30am.
A few additional details:

  • Individually wrapped portions will be offered to those who can and wish to enjoy that. 
  • Please bring your own cup of coffee or tea to have with your bannock
  • Potluck

While we cannot safely have a traditional potluck as part of our ceremony, you can contribute to a community feast by bringing a non-perishable food item for donation. We will deliver the donations to the Bear Clan Patrol at the end of the day.
​Orange Shirt or Ribbon
Please remember to wear an orange shirt or ribbon to the fire to honour Phyllis Webstad and all people who have and continue to be impacted by the history of the Indian residential school system. ​ Learn more about Phyllis’s story here.

Precautions will be in place on the day to ensure safe distancing and to monitor our group size around the fire site at any one time.
If people that you support would like to invite a family member to attend with them, they are welcome to do so.
People we support who are interested in taking on the role of Fire Keeper at anytime during the day are invited to contact Andrew Terhoch, and  view and listen to this video. White Eagle, who offers the teaching in the video, will once again be present on the 29th to support people in that role.


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