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Team Tyler

Team Tyler, past Autism Ride top pledge collecting team

April 3, 2024

In the heart of Millbrook, there’s a small but mighty team supporting the Autism Ride Raffle that radiate resilience and compassion: Team Tyler.

Tyler, a young man with autism, found his rock in his father James. Despite the challenges they faced, their bond only grew stronger. With unwavering dedication, James ensured Tyler had the support and care he needed to thrive. Their home, shared with supportive friends Ada, Roy, and Glen, became a haven where Tyler could be himself without fear or judgment.

As Tyler approached graduation, James knew more challenges awaited. Yet, their resolve remained unshaken. Together, they decided to give back to the community by registering for the Autism Ride and collecting pledges to support St.Amant autism programs. Team Tyler along with their supporters quickly became the top fundraising team for two consecutive years!

This event is bigger than a ride or a raffle; it’s a beacon of hope for families like Tyler’s. It provides crucial support and resources for individuals with autism and their loved ones. This year, although there is no ride component, Team Tyler is proud and dedicated to continue their support and promote the Autism Ride Raffle.

Purchasing a ticket to the Autism Ride Raffle for chances to win incredible prizes but more importantly, provides an opportunity for anyone to make a difference in a cause that’s changing lives. Every ticket purchased, or donation made contributes to the well-being of individuals like Tyler and their families.

Tyler’s journey has touched the hearts of many, reminding us of the profound impact of love and acceptance. As we celebrate 35 years of smiles with the St.Amant Foundation, help us honour Tyler’s resilience and the countless others like him.

Join us in making a difference today. Consider making a donation in honor of Tyler, helping us continue to bring smiles to faces like his. Your support will ensure that individuals with autism receive the care and opportunities they deserve.