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Ten Years of Making Lives Better

March 9, 2021

This year marks ten years that Juliette Mucha is with the St.Amant Foundation. In that time, she has increased donations by more than a million dollars.
 “Juliette is a natural relationship builder, an exceptional brand champion and story-teller and one heck of a fundraiser,” said John Leggat, President & CEO.
She has formed deep, trusting and lasting relationships with people we support, staff, families, sponsors, and donors because of her authenticity and caring spirit.
“Juliette clearly cares deeply and passionately about our mission and it resonates when she talks about her work and in the connections she’s made,” said Shirley Labossiere, Chief Operating Officer & Chief Financial Officer.
She is never a “no” person, but a “let’s see how we can make this work” person. This approach has led to countless partnership opportunities, some that start small and, because she’s willing to invest the time and energy, grow to be increasingly successful. From the Falcon Lake Winter Fish-Off, Autism Awareness Ride, to the Manitoba Moose partnership, the Foundation has never had as many partnerships as it does now.
Her ability to connect doesn’t just make Juliette a successful fundraiser, but it makes her an incredible person.
“She goes above and beyond. This also is not a tactic, but a genuine caring for the people in her life. We hear about her hauling something to a garage sale for someone, connecting people with movers, dropping off a memento to someone she knows will be touched. Juliette always goes above and beyond.” said Shirley.
On her tenth anniversary, we wanted to share with you, our invaluable donors, how much we appreciate Juliette!