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Sarah’s Story

March 28, 2018

When Sarah turned five, her parents wanted to celebrate in a big way. And because of you, they did!

It all started when Sarah attended her first day in the Early Learning Autism Program with St.Amant. When her parents dropped her off, they had many questions –will she make friends? Will she do well in school?

By Sarah’s fifth birthday all of those fears and questions were answered.

Sarah excelled in the classroom, she participated independently in circle time and would excitedly run to the table when called to do group activities such as crafts, worksheets, and games –materials and resources provided through your generous donations!

For her parents, they weren’t simply celebrating Sarah’s birthday, but all of the little achievements that happened along the way.

At her party, Sarah laughed & smiled with her new friends and played party games -something that wouldn’t have happened without you. Because of your support, she was able to graduate from the Early Learning Program with the skills to make new friends & excel in school.

From materials and supplies like games and puzzles to iPads and SMART Boards, your gift helps children with autism realize their potential. Thank you!