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Sebastien Can Focus, Thanks to You

April 27, 2023

Sebastien is five years old and is supported by the St.Amant Autism Early Learning Program. This amazing little boy is very active. He loves to climb, bounce and swing, but his mom says that at times, “it can be difficult for him to focus. He gets frustrated!”

little boy sitting on a climber with a smile in his classroom

He needed an outlet, a safe space to do what he loves most. Thanks to your generosity Sebastien’s Early Learning Classroom got a new climber, and it’s exactly what he needed. His mom says, ”he’s such an active little boy. This equipment has really helped him focus. He has a go-to when he’s feeling frustrated or upset. It’s a great way to redirect him and to allow him to do something he loves! It gives him a break.”

Thanks to your donations, this equipment helped Sebastien meet his sensory needs and regulate his body right there in his classroom, all while having fun. That means Sebastien can focus and he’s learning new things! “This has even helped him at home. He is more ok with us redirecting him toward doing safe activities in our house,” says Sebastien’s mom.

You made such a difference in Sebastien’s life!

little boy smiling standing in a kitchen holding three yellow balls and one purple ball, holding one under his chin.