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Support Meaningful Connections at St.Amant Today!

St.Amant Team Leader Keanna and Kelly

May 24, 2024

Your Gift Doubles: Support Meaningful Connections at St.Amant Today!

At St.Amant, we believe in the power of human connections. With the Meaningful Connections initiative, we assist those we support to build lasting and significant relationships within their communities and help them reach their full potential.

Today, I am inviting you to join us in supporting the Meaningful Connections initiative, where your generosity can double in impact, thanks to a matching gift from the families of Collin Gyles and Lindsay Tashiro, up to $40,000!

Meaningful Connections is about enriching lives, including those of people like Kelly and Travis.

Kelly, who has a passion for staying active, started her journey with Meaningful Connections last summer. She explored her interests and expressed her desire to work with animals. Through research and collaboration with Keanna, her Team Leader, Kelly found her calling at the Winnipeg Humane Society (WHS). Kelly is now a trained volunteer at WHS, where she is able to share her time and love for animals. With the right tools, Kelly was able to get herself into a place where she wanted to belong.

Meaningful Connections participant Kelly
Meaningful Connections participant Kelly
Meaningful Connections participant, Travis
Meaningful Connections participant, Travis

Travis has always been intrigued by junkyards and engines and found his path to fulfillment with help from his team. Armed with the information provided by Greg, his Team Leader, Travis attended an open house at Red River College to explore programs that included small-engine repair. With the Meaningful Connections initiative, Travis found opportunities that he didn’t know were possible. Witnessing Travis’s joy and enthusiasm, his roommate was also inspired to find his calling with Meaningful Connections!

What can your gift empower?

  • Human Connection: Meaningful relationships are vital for those receiving services and support.
  • Enriching lives through relationships: Our initiative is about fostering genuine friendships and social roles that fulfill lives with purpose and belonging.
  • Program Enhancement: Your support matters and will ensure that resources are available to help people achieve their goals.

Together, we can build stronger, more connected communities where people with developmental disabilities, autism, and acquired brain injury have the opportunity to thrive and the ability to share their gifts in places where they are valued.

With sincere gratitude,
Michelle Sankar
Development Manager, St.Amant Foundation

P.S. Your gift does wonders. Would you be so kind as to make one? Give before July 31st, to ensure your gift DOUBLES.