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You Can Help Make Learning FUN!

July 11, 2023

“I’ve been waiting for a space like this!” – says Marlys, St.Amant Occupational Therapist.

Your help is needed! With your generous donation and the matching gift from the families of Collin Gyles and Lindsay Tashiro, this dream can become a reality!

St.Amant’s clinicians, and the children they work with, need a space designed to accommodate therapeutic group sessions for children with complex medical needs.

you can make an enormous difference in the life of a child with complex medical needs

These group sessions promote motor skills development, enhance communication skills, and provide essential social interaction with peers. Having a space designed with these needs in mind will help clinicians provide the highest level of care and improve the lives of the children they work with. Your donation will help to create an environment that fosters exploration, imagination, and joy; all essential elements needed for children to reach their full potential.

Staff, volunteers and family members have a vision of how an unused drab and dreary space can be transformed into an inclusive, accessible play area designed specifically for the children supported by St.Amant.

Your help is needed to bring their vision to life!

St.Amant physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech-language pathologists, and music therapists will help design this newly renovated space. This will ensure that the best environment is created to facilitate group therapeutic sessions that promote physical, cognitive, and social development.

Play is a powerful tool for growth and is an important part of a child’s development.

Here’s how your donation will make a difference:

  1. Improve Safety and Accessibility: Your support will help fund specialized equipment that will convert an underutilized space into a place where children can play and learn without limitations.
  2. Therapeutic Resources: Your donation will purchase age-appropriate toys, educational materials, and musical instruments to enhance each child’s growth and development.
  3. Sensory Stimulation: Your generosity will create a sensory rich space that accommodates the unique needs of each child, incorporating lights, sounds, and textures that promote sensory exploration.
  4. Comfort and Adaptability: Your contribution will create a welcoming and adaptable space that considers the comfort and accessibility requirements of children with complex medical needs, and their families.

“I am so looking forward to having a bright cheery space that we can use! This is important not just for clinicians, but for families and volunteers as well. I can hardly wait!” Marlys says with a smile!

Every child deserves an opportunity to experience the joys of play, regardless of their abilities. Your support can create a safe and engaging play area that will positively affect the lives of these incredible children and their families.

By donating today, you will improve the lives of countless children who require specialized care.