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YOU Increased Confidence and Independence with Aaron’s Smart Home

April 12, 2023

Aaron likes to say, “He lives in the smartest home around!” and it is all thanks to you! Your wonderful generosity has provided some amazing technology that is helping him be more comfortable in his home.
It’s important for Aaron’s mental health that he knows what’s going to happen next. He relies on routine and structure to feel at ease. He frequently asks, “What’s the next step?”

Man sitting in blue chair in living room with tablet on armrest.

Knowing this about him, his support staff saw an opportunity to use technology that empowers Aaron to manage his own schedule. This predictability reduced his anxiety and increased his independence.

Writing is difficult for Aaron, which makes it hard for him to keep track of important events in his life. Thanks to new smart home technology, funded by donor support, he can now create calendar reminders and grocery lists by using his voice! He even gets Alexa to leave notes for his staff, request calendars and create to-do lists. He loves lists! Alexa also helps him find recipes, tells him jokes and plays games.

Aaron thrives in a calm atmosphere and, thanks to your generosity, his home has been equipped with all the tools he needs to make his home as relaxing and comfortable as possible.

He has technology that can set the tone in his space to suit his mood. He uses dim warm coloured lights, calming music and an electric fireplace for times of relaxation. He even has a sunrise setting that uses the lights to gradually wake him up in the morning.

It’s not always “chill time” at Aaron’s, he’s also a huge sports fan! He has a Jets-themed bedroom and he uses his smart home tech to change his lights to blue and red for the ultimate game night vibe. “Alexa, turn the lights to Go Jets Go!”

His mom, Susan is amazed by the smart home technology that has been implemented by his support staff and the difference it is making for Aaron. “These guys are much more technology savvy then we are, and the gadgets they have set up have helped Aaron tremendously!”

There were times when Aaron’s anxiety would overwhelm him. Now that he can use this technology to make lists or notes whenever he wants, it helps to get many of his anxious thoughts out of his head. Susan marvels at how much it has helped.

Another smart home tech that is making Aaron’s life easier is a smart lock, a smart doorbell with camera, and even a cereal dispenser that ensures he has the perfect portion size every time.

Before the smart lock was installed, Aaron would sometimes be so worried about losing his keys, it would take all the joy out of any outings for him. This new technology allows him to enjoy going out with friends and family, instead of stressing about losing his keys.

When Aaron is asked what his favourite smart tool is, he smiles widely and says, “All of it!”

These remarkable tools have helped Aaron be more confident, comfortable and independent. It also provided a piece of mind for him and his family.

Some fairly simple tools made a world of difference. Thank you for making his house a home!