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YOU helped Ainsley be confident and comfortable!

February 15, 2023

Ainsley has worked at the Winners warehouse for 23 years! She collects and organizes all the hangers so they’re ready to use when new stock comes in. She makes sure the area is always clean and tidy. She is super organized and works hard to make tasks easier for her co-workers.

She works two days a week and her co-workers miss her when she isn’t there. “She’s an invaluable member of the team that just makes things run more smoothly”, says her support staff.

a person working n the hangers section at winners. there are hundreds of hangers hanging on shelves. The individual is looking at the camera and wearing a mask.
Ainsley while on the job at Winners.

Ainsley has recently lost some weight and her clothes were no longer fitting. Her loose-fitting pants needed constant adjustment and were slowing her down at work. Proper fitting clothing is a necessity when working in a warehouse, it’s a physical job!

With the rising cost of living and high inflation, replacing her work wardrobe was simply not possible on her limited income.

Thanks to YOUR support, Ainsley was able to get a new work wardrobe and some winter wear. She purchased new pants that fit her well, shirts that she isn’t swimming in and also replaced her ill-fitting winter gear so she could brave the Winnipeg winters with clothes in the correct size. 

All thanks to you!