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Statement Regarding Visitations at St.Amant

February 16, 2022

In response to an article first published on February 15 in Fortune / Bloomberg online publication, where St.Amant is mentioned as a care facility that does not allow unvaccinated family members to visit, we would like to share the following information.
St.Amant’s Health & Transition Services’ current pandemic visitation practice is in line with Manitoba Shared Health’s Long Term Care visitation principles whereby Designated Family Caregivers are welcome to visit their family members. At St.Amant, Designated Family Caregivers, who are unvaccinated are welcome to visit within the visitation pod (which is away from all other residents).
St.Amant has had a number of generous people contact our organization to ask to send gifts. Although we appreciate the compassion and care, we are unable to accept physical gifts for specific people in our care at this time. We have had a number of very kind people also making donations in response to this article. St.Amant Foundation helps ensure that all of the people we support have comfort items, recreation and leisure opportunities and specialized equipment. If you would like to support the St.Amant Foundation please visit stamant.ca/donate or call 204-258-7052.