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Thank You for Opening Doors!

Mom and Max

September 21, 2023

Claire fondly remembers the days of biking with her son Max. He would be strapped into his heavy car seat secured in a bike trailer behind her. “It was quite a workout,” she laughs.

Once his legs got too long to fit in the trailer comfortably, their family biking days ended…or so they thought.

Your generous donation helped to fund an electric wheelchair bike that has reintroduced the bike ride experience for Max and his family. In just a few short months, it has already provided countless hours of bike riding fun for him and his roommates.

There are two neighbouring homes near Assiniboine Forest currently sharing the bike. This means family members and support staff can use it to take people on rides around their neighbourhood or on the many trails that wind through the forest.

Max and Family
Mom and Max

This amazing specialized bike has a platform equipped with a tilt ramp that ensures safe and easy access. This makes it possible for users to remain seated in their wheelchairs while enjoying the ride.

Adaptive bikes pave the way for riders with disabilities to experience the many benefits of cycling with family and friends. It is more than “just a bike ride”. It promotes family bonding and helps to create cherished memories.

After his first quick test run, Max’s dad Rick immediately started planning a route for their first big adventure. “I am sure we can get to Starbucks from here on residential streets. Then we’ll go into the forest!”

 It has been many years since Max was able to join his parents on a bike ride and the family is so grateful to be able to do this again. Claire says “Thank you!  This just opened a door for us. There are many things we cannot do with Max, so to have this as an option that we can do is amazing!”