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You Provided a Backyard Oasis!

Backyard Oasis

September 14, 2023

Winnipeg summers are spectacular and your support helped make it even better for three grateful people living in a St.Amant community home.

Tracy, Adam and Tim have the same appreciation of this all too short season as many Manitobans, but with no shade in their backyard, sometimes the heat was too much to handle for any length of time.

Another complicating factor to outdoor enjoyment is that Adam is allergic to mosquitoes and bug spray. This meant time spent outside in the open was especially difficult for him.

Happily, a great solution for these roommates was determined and your recent gift helped make it a reality! Your generosity provided a solarium for their backyard and Tracy, Adam and Tim have been enjoying it all summer!

Backyard Oasis
Backyard Oasis

“This summer is the first full summer we’ve had it and we use it almost every day,” says support staff Felicia. “We eat meals out there, play games and hang out.”

The shade it provides extends the time they can spend outside on hot sunny days, and the screened sliding doors keep the inside nearly 100% bug-free!

The windows of the solarium can be opened or closed to keep heat out or in, depending on the season. This extends its use to all but the harshest cold weather so the trio can enjoy it for most of the year.

This not only provides an option for outdoor fun, but it also helps them connect with their neighbours. When any of them are in the yard, it is common for neighbours to stop in for a chat or say hello with a smile and a wave over the fence.

This connection to their neighbours is priceless, and it is all thanks to your generous gift.