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Help Keith Do What He Loves Again

Keith a person supported by St.Amant's Supported Independent Living Program sitting in a chair. He is wearing a yellow shirt. There is a blue overlay on top of the photo.

December 7, 2022

Inflation. Many of us have noticed its effects, but for those living on a fixed income, today’s rising costs can lead to difficult choices that impact their quality of life.

Costs are increasing…but Keith’s income isn’t… He needs your help!

Keith is an intellectual and keeps a pretty busy schedule. He goes to church every Sunday, plays chess at the library on Saturday afternoons and loves to exercise.

He says that his favourite pastime is visiting museums but the admissions fees can be pricey.

With the cost of living increasing and his income remaining the same – doing the things he loves most no longer fits the budget, and saving for large purchases becomes impossible.

Going to museums brings so much joy and light to Keith’s life, but it just doesn’t fit into his budget anymore. He keeps a close eye on websites and social media, and tracks when places have discounted or free admission days, but those opportunities are rare and don’t always fit into his schedule.

Recently, Keith has had to change the way he shops to stay within his budget. He is now limited to what he can buy at the grocery store and had to switch from fresh fruits and vegetables to frozen produce. “Except for bananas,” he says.

He had been trying to put a little money aside to save for a replacement for his favourite chair that broke earlier this year, but there is no room in the budget now for savings.  

When it’s a struggle to pay for the necessities, the activities that bring colour and light to people’s lives are often sacrificed. Your generosity will help ensure that all the “extras” that make life worth living don’t get cut from the budget.

YOU CAN help Keith by giving a gift today.

          YOU CAN fill his fridge with fresh fruit and vegetables.

          YOU CAN make room in his budget for a visit to the museum.

          YOU CAN provide him with a new chair so he can rest and relax.